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Under the Tuscany sun. Forestarìa!

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Forestarìa: fra magia e vita rurale

Forestarìa Jumping contest

The idea of the jump came because we wanted to convey the feeling of lightness that people feel living in a context of rural life as it happens to Forestarìa.

The question was: how to let everyone know that how we live in light Forestarìa?

The “Forestarìa jump” is liberating.It’s energy. It’s uninhibited. It’s a simple gesture, but a great act of liberation and joy.

Try it for yourself to experience the magical world of our farm.

Try it yourself jumping with us. What are you waiting for?


Some great jumps

John and Hikari jump for Forestarìa-7 aprile 2012

John and Hikari.

Brilliant and very interesting couple. We had dinner with them and they were really nice. Very helpful and happy to jump to Forestaria. One can see from their smile – 7th april 2012

Anneka, Sarah, Rami saltano per Forestarìa - Sabato 12 maggio

Anneka, Sarah, Rami

3 London girls who have jumped to Forestarìa

They have had a great time to jump to Forestaria – Saturday, 12th may 2012

Mehdi&Sabrina grande salto per Forestarìa

Mehdi e  Sabrina

One couple from London very gentle and passionate about organic extra olive oil, jumped to Forestarìa.

Mehdi has the passion for photography. Visit his

Antje & Diane Jump - 12th june 2012 Forestarìa Lucca

Antje and Diane

Two amazing girls who have spent some ‘ime with us to Forestarìa. Great jumping girls – Saturday, 12th june 2012

Enzo e Giusi jump for Forestaria

Enzo e Giusi.

They were  very funny.  And very funny too is their jump. Thank Enzo and Giusi – june 2012


Aleisha e Chris.

Australian couple, young, dynamic, and very very nice. They were traveling around Europe, and made a stop at Forestarìa …. and say have a great time. Looking to relax, have spent the day visiting some wineries Lucchesi. In the end of the day, in front of a beautiful sunset, sitting on the garden of Forestarìa, tasted a great wine. Great! Thanks Aleisha e Chris! – june 2012

margherita jump for forestarìa

Margherita(nostra ospite) e Eleonora.

Well what about Margherita .. What always amazes me is that she always manages to surprise with big smiles that gives to everyone she meets. She spent three days with us helping with the garden and she has even cut the grass with the whisk. She was very good and she enjoyed. Thanks Margherita! – 24th june 2012

Frank jump for Forestaria

Frank Trentacoste.

We have a very vivid and positive memory of Frank, even though it was only with us one day.
Frank lives in New York, but loves Italy, perhaps because of its distant Italian ancestry.
In fact his parents are originally from the south. Frank is able to speak a good Italian, and if he does not know a word, is always ready to ask it. His journey along the Via Francigena began to Forestarìa. I still remember when he went with the backpack. Just like a pilgrim! Thanks Frank! -29th june 2012

Beth jump for Forestarìa- 30th june 2012


Beth, professional musician (conductor) of Boston. Beth has shared with us some day in Forestarìa. A nice girl and very friendly, passionate about music. We have spent their evenings together and the last day, we celebrated her birthday at a village festival, with typical food and good wine.
Great party. We have been very good with her and maybe one day I’ll hear speaking about her thanks to her passion for the Muisca. Thanks Beth! – 30th june 2012

theo and his family from Holland


Theo with his wife Patricia and son Tristan came to visit in Forestarìa.
A smiling family , friendly and polite. We spent time together exchanging information, speaking of our experiences, and we were really good.
Very interested to know the local habits and culture, and taste the local products… – 11th july 2012
Very nice family. thanks

Xander e Veronique 09_luglio_2012

Xander e Veronique.

A young couple pleasant, interesting and very polite.
They spent two days on our farm Forestarìa, relaxing on our old and traditional peasant cart, tasting wine, enjoying the magnificent Tuscan sun.
Definitely searching unconventional experiences infact they often asked advice to escape from the tourist circuit and definitely have reached their goal. Thanks Xander and Veronique – 09th july 2012

Matteo e kate 14 luglio 2012 saltano dal carretto dell'azienda agricola forestaria

Matteo e Kate

Matteo e Kate, were at Forestarìa during the Summer Festival of Lucca.
Kind, friendly and very polite, interested in the sweet Tuscan life, made by frugal and rural situations. On our cart they spent a relaxing day
Guests very pleasant. Thanks to Matthew and Kate. – 14 july 2012

Noam 16 luglio 2012


We had a great time with Noam, and finally was able to delight
with a good impromptu dinner.
in addition to being a good chef, is extremely polite, friendly and pleasant.
We spent the evening talking about ideas, travels and passions. He left us with two great gifts: a note on the fridge with a recipe for a good tofu, and a letter very very nice with a small drawing.
Thanks a lot Noam – 16th july 2012

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