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Under the Tuscany sun. Forestarìa!

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The history of Forestarìa

Azienda agricola Forestarìa

The Forestarìa farm is located under the wonderful Tuscan sun, on the Lucca northen hills in Valgiano. The farm is born from our passion for the land, love for the nature and the tradition that always lives inside us.

I share my life with Marco, my life partner and we are a sample of a story that have realized their dream with passion secrets and traditions handed down from generation to generation.

Our grandfathers have cultivated the land for all their life and with wisdom passed this art to our fathers that thanks to their experience and their teachings, they are an important support for all our works in the fields.

From an early age, our grandparents for let us asleep, they use to recount us many stories of rural life or anecdotes drawn from the popular beliefs, often to frighten children. It was just one of these stories, that we decided to call our
farm, Forestarìa.

According to legend, Forestarìa a dwarfish, thin woman, is a ghost which haunts many parts of the hills around Lucca.

The grandparents have often told us that under the large oak tree, was hiding “Forestaria” because behind the leaves could be heard noises and sometimes appeared two little eyes … you felt them and seemed that follow you for
a long stretch of road. The people stopped to watch the oak and they felt the whistles and hisses, which scared them so much that run immediately away, to the village. Some time ago, looking at the big oak tree in front of our house,
when the wind was whistling up to the hill, we’ve reminded “Forestaria”, the dwarfish. Since then, it seems she’ve laid her eyes on us!

Meanwhile, under the wise direction of our fathers and the indispensable presence of Paolino, a small man but a great teacher of life, the farm is growing.

The old farmhouse was bought in the 80s and with renovation work is also becoming a tourist accommodation. In fact, we are really happy to promote our agricultural production and hosting people that could be interest to know, to taste

and to buy the products that we work and transform in our farm.

We’ve wanted to keep everything as it was originally and do only small changes of modernity to make the work more effective through new technologies, but keeping intact the authenticity and quality of the products.

We want to ensure the provenance and the safety of the product “made in Tuscany” that the consumer should expect and it is for this reason that fruits&vegetable are the highest quality and at the same time, we use traditional
production processes.

The main production of the farm is the olive harvest and transform in extra virgin olive oil. The farm has about 1500 olive trees and in the next future, there will be an expansion of the number of olive trees and the land devoted to fruits&vegetable.

The production cycle: the harvest, olive pressing and the selling directly in the farm, provides a direct relationship between agricultural production and final consumers, as it is in the “Filiera Corta”. We are not neglecting to let know
our typical Tuscan products also to the foreign market.

In addition to the farm’s main activity we have integrated seasonal fruit and vegetables like cherry trees, apple tree, kiwi, pears, plums, apricots, etc. But also tomatos, cabbages, potatos, beans, lettuce, onions, artichokes, etc..

The garden in its many different forms and in its seasonal turnover, is essential to have a steady and diversified production of vegetables. We work raw materials for food, jams, beverages, etc.. for sale and for the farmhouse.

I still watch today the big oak tree in front of our house.

I often meet the lively eyes of the dwarfish, but now I have no more fear.